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Population & Housing

The population of Nobleton has increased slowly and steadily over the years, as new subdivisions have been approved. Many of the seniors in the community are descendants of the original families. There are also families which have remained on the family property, purchased several generations ago.

Those wanting to move from more populated areas are drawn to Nobleton's community lifestyle. To accommodate growth in Nobleton the following developments have been approved:


Hamleys development by Metrus Properties LimitedHwy 27, East side, North of King  Road- 400 units in Phase One
- 698 units in total: 609 singles
- 31 single detached condos
-20 semi-detached
-38 townhouses

Fandor Homes Development 
Nobleton Grand, King Estates


East Side of Hwy 27, North of King Road

- 86 Single units in Total


Baldessara developmentWest side of Hwy 27, South of King Road-219 singles
-26 semi-detached

Nobleton is a village in the Township of King. King Township is the largest geographic municipality of the nine located in York Region. Nobleton is situated at the intersection of Highway 27 and King Road. Neighbouring communities include Bolton to the west, King City to the east, Kleinberg to the south, and Schomberg to the north. There is easy access to major provincial highways: north/south routes of Highway 400, Highway 427 and Highway 404; east/west routes of Highway 7, ETR 407 and Highway 9. Public Transportation is provided by Go Transit. A Go bus stops at Highway 27 and King Road twice daily, southbound at approximately 6 a.m. ad northbound at approximately 7:00 p.m.

The community will benefit from the energy and perspectives of newcomers to the village.

Nobleton has seen many changes and considerable growth over almost 200 years. The community still celebrates its heritage proudly, in local events and in history books written by those dedicated to preserving Nobleton's heritage.


Housing Property Tax Nobleton Growth Forecast
Single Detached3 bedroom Bungalow, 80' x 124'$3,500 YearPopulation
Single Detached4 bedroom 2 storey, ½ acre$6,5002008



Rural Estate4+2 Bedroom 2 storey, 2.55 acres$9,0002018



Rural Farm Single Detached3+1 Bungalow, 125 acres$8,80020216,500