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A Preserved History

Lloydtown, which lies west of Schomberg from Church Street, was settled in 1812 by one of the leading figures in the Upper Canada Rebellion Jesse Lloyd, a Quaker from Pennsylvania.  Lloydtown grew, due to the great opportunities of the rich soil of King Township. The village of Schomberg was later settled in 1830 due to the growth of Lloydtown. 

Originally named Brownsville, after the four brothers from Pennsylvania, who settled in the area in 1830. The Brown Brothers were an energetic family: John was interested in farming, and purchased 100 acres when they arrived; Thomas built the first mill in 1836, and it stood as the nucleus of the growing community for over 125 years, before being torn down; Garrett built the first bank at the corner of Main and Church Street. Little is known of Robert. The community name of Brownsville was changed in order for the hamlet's application for a post office to be successful; as there was already a Brownsville in York County, south of Woodbridge. The name Schomberg, taken from the Duke of Schomberg, a fallen hero from the Battle of the Boyne (1960), was selected to replace Brownsville; the post office opened on August 1, 1862.