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Organizations & Associations

Community Organizations and Associations

Volunteer org anizations are vital to the culture and society of Schomberg. They play an important role in bringing together the residents, the Township, guests and visitors. Their dedication and commitment to the community contributes to residents enjoying a full and vibrant lifestyle in this quaint rural village.

The Schomberg Village Association is very active in engaging the residents and businesses in keeping the village vibrant. 

Sports ClubsService OrganizationPlaces of Worship
King Township Baseball AssociationArts Society KingEmmanuel Presbyterian Church
Schomberg Cougars Jr. C Hockey ClubDufferin Marsh CommitteeSchomberg United Church
King Curlin​g ClubSchomberg Agricultural SocietySt. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church
Schomberg Minor Hockey AssociationSchomberg Horticultural SocietySt. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
Schomberg Skating ClubSchomberg Lions Club 
King United Soccer ClubSchomberg Village Association