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Employment Area Lands

Several major designated or zoned industrial and commercial areas are found within the existing Community Plans of King City, Nobleton and Schomberg, including: approximately 16 acres of lands designated as mixed-use and 95 acres of prestige employment area within the King City Community Plan; approximately 35 acres of lands on Highway 27 are designated for business area use in the Village of Nobleton within the Nobleton Community Plan; and approximately 20 acres of highway commercial lands within the Schomberg Community Plan.

There are also a number of opportunities for redevelopment intensification in the three village cores and comprehensive village core design guidelines will ensure that this development takes plan in a sustainable manner.

The Township recognizes the need for King to build its strengths by becoming the host community for similar green and clean technological and educational centres of excellence and corporate head offices. The Township encourages new businesses to locate in King, and specifically most desirous of businesses which complement the existing development, the rural setting and will provide employment opportunities for our local residents.