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Zoning Bylaws contain standards governing the development of land and the construction of buildings including permitted uses, size, height and location of structures.  For example, the Township's Zoning Bylaw regulates how close to the lot line you can build or if you can locate a certain type of business at an address in King.  Zoning Bylaws may be viewed or purchased at the Planning Department, Township of King, 2075 King Road, King City.

Please note that the property may located within the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan area and may be subject to the provisions of By-law 2005-23  (Oak Ridges Moraine Zoning Conformity By-law).  Please contact the Planning Department for further information on this by-law and any potential Site Plan Development Application requirements.

During the planning stage of your project, it is imperative that you determine what zoning requirements apply to your property.  The Township of King Building Division will assist in that task through the use of the Zoning Search Form.  The form, accessed through the link below, can be used by you to request zoning information for any property within King.

You may send email to the Zoning Examiner at: