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Discharge of Firearms

​​​Discharge of Firearms By-laws enhance public safety by limiting the discharge of firearms in and around populated areas.  On January 27th, 2014, Council of the Township of King adopted a new Discharge of Firearms  By-law 2014-04, replacing by-law # 2007-118.  The new by-law expands the King City 'no 
discharge' area boundaries and introduces exceptions for discharges related to protection of property and agricultural operations. 

All 'no discharge' area maps for the Township of King are included below.  Discharge of firearms within these specified lands is prohibited, unless exceptions apply under the by-law.  Please refer to section 12 of the by-law for exceptions that may apply to you.  If you have any questions regarding the by-law, please contact the By-law Enforcement Department. 

Not sure what areas prohibit the discharge of firearms in King? View our Interactive Discharge of Firearms Map to find out.​ Areas highlighted in blue are restricted.​

You can also view the maps individually below.

No Discharge Area Maps:


If you wish the Township to investigate a potential violation of the by-law, please contact By-law Enforcement Services.  Due to safety concerns, By-law Enforcement Officers will request that a member of York Regional Police attend the property to investigate on the Township's behalf.  Please note that all relevant Federal and Provincial Regulations pertaining to firearms must be complied with, including but not limited to the Canada Criminal Code, Firearms Act, and the Ontario Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act​.

For information on Hunting, Hunting Seasons or obtaining Hunting ​Licences, contact the Ministry of Natural Resources. ​