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​Fence By-law

The Township's Fence By-law #2012-132  provides a clear regulatory framework for fencing in our community, including  requirements to fence all swimming pools, general maintenance criteria, types of fences permitted and prohibited, height and setback provisions. Residents are encouraged to consult the Fence By-law prior to building a fence, privacy screen, installing a pool, and prior to planting hedges within a front yard, on their property to ensure the minimum requirements of this By-law have been established.

Inquires pertaining to fence regulations should be directed to By-law Enforcement Services. You may contact By-law Enforcement Services  by phone at 905-833-5321, or by email at ​

Swimming Pools Require Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosure Permits must be obtained by the Township's Building Department prior to construction or installation of a pool and pool enclosure. To obtain a pool enclosure permit prior to installing a pool enclosure please, contact the Building Department.

Division Fence By-law

The Division Fence By-law #2012-66 provides guidance to residences seeking to share costs for the installation of a division fence. The By-law pertains to apportioned costs of a division fence, including both a residential fence and agricultural fence located on a boundary line. The By-law outlines the process a homeowner should follow to obtain costs for the construction, repair or maintenance of a division fence. 

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