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Kennel Operations and Doggie Daycares

​​​Effective December 10th, 2012, By-law 2012-175 regulating kennels and doggie day cares was enacted by Council. All operators of doggie day cares and kennels require an approved and issued licence from the Clerk of the Township of King.

In order to obtain a licence from the Township to operate a kennel or doggie daycare the operator must demonstrate that the operation meets the provisions of By-law 2012-175. The applicant must submit a completed and signed application form to the Clerk, along with the required fee  for a new or renewal application. All licences are issued on an annual basis and must be renewed by April 30th of each calendar year. 

Doggie Daycare Licence:

A doggie daycare licence is required if more than (4) four dogs are boarded during which the dogs are socialized with other dogs in an open setting without barriers.

A doggie daycare operation is subject to the following criteria:

  • property zoned Rural General (RU1) and a minimum of 10 acres (4.05 ha) in size;

  • the owner/operator shall reside in the dwelling house on the same lot as the doggie day care; and

  • doggie daycare must be setback 45.0 m (147.64 ft.)  from any residential urban, residential hamlet zone  or a residential building on an adjacent lot.

Kennel Licence:

A kennel licence is required if more than (4) four dogs are housed, maintained, bred, boarded, trained or groomed.  Please note: dogs living at kennel locations must be licensed with the Township of King.

A Kennel Operation is Subject to the Following Criteria:

  • property zoned Rural General (RU1) and 25 acres (10.12 ha); and

  •    *a lot existing in a Rural General (RU1) zone as of October 7th, 1974, shall have a lot area minimum of 15 acres (6.07 ha) for the purpose of a kennel;

  • minimum lot frontage area shall be 179.84 m (590 feet); and

  • a kennel must be setback 60.0 m (196.85 ft.) from any residential urban lot or residential hamlet zone or residential building on an adjacent lot (property) and 15.0 m (49.22 ft.) from any street line.

Additional Information: