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​Name of By-law/Concern: Trees

Number (if applicable): N/A

Summary: The Township currently does not have a tree preservation by-law for trees that exist on private property. However, if your tree is part of a woodlot or woodland, you must acquire a permit from the Region of York to remove any trees. Additionally, you are not allowed to remove or prune trees on municipally owned property such as parks or road allowances.

For more information about trees, see the reference guide below.

If you are looking for information on the amount of trees in the Township, visit our page on tree promotion.

Quick Reference Guide

By-law 73-54 - Trees on Municipal Property​​

Consultation for the Draft Private Tree By-law has closed. Please visit Speaking​ for more information or subscribe the the project for future updates. 

Contact Information: York Region Forestry (for trees that are part of a woodlot or woodland,
Parks, Recreation and Culture (for trees that are on municipally owned property)