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Parking Enforcement

​​​​​​​Township by-laws regulate street parking for the safety and convenience of residents in the community. If you have a parking enforcement concern, please contact By-law Enforcement Services at 905-833-5321 x 4002.

​​​Parking Regulations in Kin​​g

​​No person shall park a vehicle on any roadway…

  • For more than three (3) consecutive hours
  • Between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. from November 1st to April 15th
  • Contrary to posted signage
  • Within one (1) metre of a driveway and/or obstructing access to the driveway
  • In the center of a court
  • Facing opposite the direction of travel
  • So as to interfere with traffic or the clearing of snow
  • Within three (3) metres of a fire hydrant
  • For the purpose of displaying the vehicle for sale

​No person shall park a vehicle...

  • On municipal or private property without permission
  • On a boulevard
  • On a bridge​
  • On or over a sidewalk
  • In a designated Fire Route
  • In a space designated for persons with disabilities without displaying a valid permit​

Winter​ Parking Restrictions

Help us keep your roads clear of snow and ice! Winter Parking Restrictions are in effect from November 1st to April 15th each year. During this period, no vehicles may be parked on the road between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

​This regulation is enforced during the restriction period regardless of the presence of snow or ice to ensure that there are no vehicles parked on the road when adverse weather occurs.​


​What Do​​es "Unassumed Road" Mean?

​This means that the Township doesn't perform maintenance on the road at this time. Once a road is registered with the Land Registry Office, it becomes public highway dedicated to the Township of King. Both the Parking By-law and the Highway Traffic Act can be enforced regardless of whether the road is assumed or not.​

Request for Parking Consideration

If you require on-street parking for out of town guests, driveway repairs or special functions, please contact the By-law Enforcement Department to request temporary consideration for on-street parking.

Parking consideration only exempts the indicated vehicle(s) from certain parking regulations depending on the nature of the request. For example, exemption from winter parking restrictions may be dependent upon weather and snow clearing needs. No consideration will be given for parking in violation of posted signage.

Parking consideration will not be granted for unlicensed or immobile vehicles, commercial vehicles or school buses. Parking Considerations are not intended for homeowners with more vehicles than their driveway/garage can accommodate and will not be granted.​

Fines and Towing

​​Most parking infractions in King will incur a fine of $40.00, with the exception of Parking in a Fire Route ($100.00) and Parking in a Designated Accessible Parking Space Without a Permit ($300.00).

By-law Enforcement Officers may tow any vehicle found in violation of municipal parking regulations. Generally, the municipality will only tow parked vehicles that present a risk to traffic safety or obstruct access to private property. Fees incurred for tows are collected by the towing company from the vehicle owner before the vehicle may be released.


Payment of Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets may be paid:

  • ​In person: at the Township Municipal Offices, 2075 King Road, King City. After hours drop box is located at the east end outside the Council Chambers.
    • ​Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday
  • ​By Mail: send cheque or money order only (do not send cash)
    • Township of King (c/o By-law Enforcement)
    • 2075 King Road
    • King City, ON   L7B 1A1
  • ​Online: (see Online Services​)
    • Visa, Mastercard, or American Express or Interac (Nominal processing fee applies)


​Disputing a Parking Ticket

If you wish to dispute your parking ticket,  you may request a First Attendance hearing to review your ticket with a By-law Enforcement Officer, or request to challenge the ticket in court.


What is a First Attendance Hearing?


A First Attendance Hearing is an opportunity to review your ticket with a By-law Enforcement Officer and request a reduction or cancellation of the fine.

During a First Attendance Hearing, By-law Enforcement will review the circumstances of the ticket, including the relevant evidence and municipal parking regulations. The decision to reduce or cancel your parking ticket is at the discretion of the Township and may depend on past history of parking infractions and the circumstances of the parking ticket.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the hearing, you may still proceed to court to challenge the ticket.


To arrange a First Attendance Hearing, please contact the Township of King By-law Enforcement Office.


​Parking By-laws

​Parking regulations in King are governed by By-laws adopted by Municipal Council. For parking regulations in effect in King (no parking, no stopping, etc.), please see the schedules in Parking By-law #2005-36 and the amending By-laws below for affected parts of roads:


​By-law #

​Roads Impacted


2005-36​All municipal roads​Municipal parking regulations, main by-law
2006-78​William Street​​No Stopping
​2007-99Holden Drive
Mactaggart Drive
Witherspoon Way​
​No Parking
2007-115​All municipal roads

Jessop Avenue
​No parking between 2am and 7am from November 1 to April 15

No Parking
​​2008-02​15th Sideroad​No Stopping
​​2009-31​Hill Farm Road
Greenside Drive
​No Stopping
2012-165​Spring Hill Drive
Nicort Road
​No Stopping
2012-172​Alex Campbell Crescent
Sam Hill Crescent
Wells Orchard Crescent
Tatton Court
Stan Roots Street
Claudview Street
​No Parking
​2015-17​Main Street​No Parking
2015-46​Waterlily Trail​No Parking
​2015-84​Wilkie Avenue
Oliver Emmerson Avenue
​No Parking
​2015-86​Parkheights Trail
Fairmont Ridge Trail
Blueberry Run Trail
Kettle Valley Trail
Hill Farm Road

Parkheights Trail
Samson Trail
Skyline Trail​
Hill Farm Road
​Fairmont Ridge Trail
​Black Duck Trail
​No Parking

No Stopping
​2015-120​West Street
​No Standing
No Parking