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By-law Enforcement Services

​​By-law Enforcement Services is responsible for the enforcement of By-laws passed by the Mayor and Council of the Township of King as well as certain Provincial Legislation. The Township's By-Law Enforcement Officers are committed to the delivery of professional by-law enforcement in a timely and effective manner. The goal of the Township is to achieve compliance with municipal by-laws through education and mediation first, and through enforcement where necessary. Officers strive to enforce the municipal by-laws in a fair and consistent manner. 

Our primary goals while enforcing municipal
by-laws include: ​​
  • Ensuring public safety;

  • Maintaining community standards which contribute to quality of life in the community; and

  • Managing behavioral and nuisance issues to promote a harmonious living environment.​

​You may see By-law Enforcement  Services staff out in the community in marked Township vehicles. The municipal law enforcement vehicles are equipped with highly reflective material primarily for evening and late shifts to help ensure the safety of staff and provide a more visible presence to residents. ​These reflective strips are also particularly helpful during the winter months when daylight hours are shorter.  
​​Frequently Requested By-laws & Enforcement Issues​

Find a list of common by-laws and other enforcement matters. 
Reporting a By-law Infraction ​

Learn how to report a by-law infraction. 
How Does the Township Respond to By-law Infractions?

Find out how By-law Enforcement Officers will invesitgate ​​