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​The purpose of the Sustainability Committee is to guide the implementation of the Township's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP).  The "Plan" is a living document intended to guide King on its path to sustainability. 

The Committee is responsible for assisting in the implementation of the community led immediate priorities outlined in the Plan.  The Committee will also be responsible for prioritizing the action bank items identified in the Plan and will provide advice on the action items that the Township will take the lead on. 

The Committee will focus on community outreach and engagement as well as work closely with Council, staff, local organizations, businesses and stakeholders. 

For additional information on this key Township initiative, visit our Sustainable King​ page. ​

2018 - 2022 Sustainability Advisory Committee Members List ​

Citizen Members:

​John Bartella ​(Financial)
​Nancy Belo Gomes ​(Socio-Cultural)
​Joel Carcone​(Economic)
​Patricia Maguire​(Economic)
​Derek Nardone​(Environmental)
​Angelo Signorelli​(Financial)
​Rick Sikorski​(Socio-Cultural)
​Dan Stuckey​(Environmental)

​Council Members:

​Councillor Debbie Schaefer
​Councillor Jakob Schneider
​Councillor Jordan Cescolini