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Accountability and Transparency Information

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Accountability and Transparency Policy

Under Section 270 (1) (5) of the Municipal Act, all municipalities are required to adopt and maintain a policy with respect to the manner in which the municipality will ensure that it is accountable to the public for its actions, and the manner in which the municipality will ensure its actions are transparent to the public.

Council approved the Accountability and Transparency Policy (COR-POL-102)​ to comply with the Act, and serve as the guiding policy document for the delivery of Township activities and services.​

Complaints and Feedback

You may provide feedback to us by fax, mail, e-mail, phone, in-person or online​. You may also submit your feedback using the Customer Feedback Form​.

If you have a complaint that you feel has not been resolved by the Township, you may submit a Formal Complaint Form to the Township Clerk for investigation. All formal complaints to the Township are submitted and processed in accordance with the Formal Complaint Corporate Policy​.​ Should you not be satisfied with the Township's formal complaint outcome, you may contact the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario​. The Provincial Ombudsman's Office serves as the Ombudsman for the Township of King.

The Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario investigates complaints about municipal services and activities.

The Ombudsman will only look into your complaint if you have already explored all other means of complaint resolution first.​

Code of Conduct and Integrity Commissioner

All Members must follow the Code of Conduct Policy (COR-POL-113).

If you believe a Member has violated the Code of Conduct, refer to the Complaint Protocol. Complaints are investigated by the Integrity Commissioner appointed by the Township. 

The Integrity Commissioner is an independent accountability officer given authority under the Ontario Municipal Act.​ The Integrity Commissioner's duties include provision of impartial, third party, professional advice to Council and responses to any compliance issues related to Member's ethical responsibilities under the Code, as well as, education and advice to the community regarding the Code. ​

The Accountability Services Framework By-law 2018-75​ sets out the accountability regime for the Township, including the roles and responsibilities of the Integrity Commissioner and the selection, appointment, removal and resignation methods of the Integrity Commissioner.

You may submit a complaint using the Code of Conduct Complaint Form/Affidavit​.

The complaint is to be filed with the Township Clerk by hard copy and will be forwarded directly to the Integrity Commissioner. 

  • Att'n of the Clerk, Township of King
    2585 King Road
    King City, Ontario L7B 1A1
  • Questions?  Contact Kathryn Moyle, Township Clerk 
  • Josephine Matera, Integrity Commissioner

Conflict of Interest

Members must follow the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.​ Any conflicts of interest declared must be made with a written statement of the interest and its general nature with the Township Clerk on the Declaration of Pecuniary Interest Form.​

Click on the year to view the Declaration of Pecuniary Interest Registry. The registry will be maintained throughout the year.

Declaration of Pecuniary I​​nteres​​​t Registry​​

Closed Meeting Investigator

The Ontario Ombudsman is the Closed Meeting Investigator for the Township of King whose role is to conduct investigations upon receipt of a complaint in respect of meetings or part of meetings that are closed to the public to determine compliance with the Municipal Act and to report the results of such investigations to Council.

Members of the public may submit complaints to the Closed Meeting Investigator. All complaints will be treated as confidential and will be handled directly by the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario. To submit a complaint, please contact the Office of the Ontario Ombudsman. 

Prior to submitting a request for investigation, it is encouraged to discuss any concerns or inquiries with the Township Clerk. 

​Freedom of Information 

To request access to records or information that is not generally available, you may submit a Freedom of Information (FOI)​ request. ​