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​November, 2017

Vianet connects first customer to fibre optic internet made possible by the Small Communities Fund​ provided by the Federal and Provicial governments. 



May 24th, 2017

​Thank you to everyone who were able to come out to our KingConnects Internet Information Night.  If you were not able to attend, please click here to view the presentations provided by Mayor Pellegrini, MP Deb Schulte and Doug Lindeblom, (York Region).

If you are looking for an internet service provider, please follow this link​.  If you are an internet service provider and would like to be listed on our website, please email

The CRTC has deemed HIGH speed internet an essential service for all Canadians.  Please click here to read the Regulatory Policy and/or to contact the CRTC.


Media Release

​​Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete our King Connects survey which was designed to collect information on local internet speeds. We received more than 500 responses which shows high-speed connectivity in King Township is important to many residents.

We will continue to work with the regional, provincial and federal levels of government – along with commercial internet service providers – to look for ways to improve local high-speed coverage for King Township residents.

Current Initiatives

On Monday, March 20th a report is going to Council to support York Region's application to the Connect to Innovate Fund - click here to read the report

Vianet receives funding for fibre build in King

Funding announcement​ - press release
Map of proposed fibre build - please note the area of the fibre build is subject to change. 
More information available at


KingConnects1.jpgCanada's telecom regulator (CRTC) recently declared that high-speed internet is now a basic service, just like a current landline.

The issue in King is that large pockets of land – mainly in rural areas – don't currently have access to high-speed internet. Some areas don't have access to the internet at all.

That's why we are trying to access federal grant money to build more high-speed internet infrastructure in King. To do this, we need to collect data on areas in King that don't currently have access to high-speed internet.

Please email kingconnect  for any inquiries