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The Township of King provides water services by way of four (4) distribution systems:  Ansnorveldt, King City,
Nobleton and Schomberg.  The Township is required to purchase the water requirements from the Region of
York, who in turn treats the water that is supplied to the Municipality.  In addition, the Township currently
provides wastewater services to the communities of Schomberg, Nobleton and King City. 

The water and wastewater rates that are charged to the users on a quarterly basis consist of two components:
1.  System Base Charges - to ensure funds are recovered for the infrastructure assets used in the distribution
and transmission of water & wastewater along with any debt financing repayments that may be incurred. 
2.  Usage / Consumption Charges - these are variable charges calculated based on the cubic meter consumed.
The variable charges ensure annual operating costs for staff, distribution, maintenance and administration are
properly funded.

Below are the rates for 2018 and 20192019 Water.JPG


For Water Only Customers

Quarterly Water Charge = Metered Usage (consumption) X Water Consumption Charge + Water System Base

For Water & Wastewater (Sewer) Accounts

Quarterly Water & Wastewater (Sewer) Charge = Metered Usage (consumption) X (Water + Wastewater
(Sewer) Consumption Charge) + Water System Base Charge + Wastewater System Base Charge.

Wastewater rates apply following connection to the sanitary sewer system and will be included as per the
applicable mandatory connection by-law and notice.

Water & Wastewater Fees & Charges

Electronic Payments

Please be advised our water account numbers are a 10 digit format.  If you pay your water bill by electronic banking, please check your water account number and make sure you are using all 10 digits with no decimals.   This will ensure proper credit of your water account. 

Nobleton Wastewater (Sewer) Residents

Please be advised that several areas in Nobleton are now operational and properties have been connected to
the sanitary sewer system.  If this pertains to you, sewer system based and maintenance charges will be
included on your water bill.  In exchange for using the sanitary sewer system, residents are required to pay for
the operating costs with each water billing.   The costs that you paid earlier or that were added to your property
taxes were for the capital portion of the sanitary sewers.

If you have a new mailing address, please make sure we are informed to ensure prompt mail delivery.