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Planning Department

​​Planning Department Responsibilities

  • Responsible for Land Use Planning and Development in King Township

  • Develops policy and zoning regulations for the Township as a whole and its settlement areas of King City, Nobleton and Schomberg

  • Implements the policy direction provided by the Ontario Government's Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan, Greenbelt Plan, and Growth Plan, and York Region Official Plan

  • Undertakes area specific planning studies and guideline formation and to influence development in the Township

  • Reviews and processes applications for amendments to King Township's policy documents such as Official Plan and Zoning By-laws and makes recommendations to the Committee of the Whole and Township Council

  • Evaluates and approves minor development applications through the Site Plan Development process

  • Administers the Committee of Adjustment which deals with Minor Variance and Severance Applications

  • Administers the Sustainability Advisory Committee​

  • Administers the Heritage Advisory Committee

Online KingMaps

The Township of King maintains a significant amount of GIS (Geographic Information
Systems) data that is used for planning, development, maintenance, tracking and inventory activities.

Access to GIS data is made available through the Township's 'kingmaps' web GIS

Official Plan

Official Plans are statutory documents that set out land use policy direction for long-term
growth and development in the Township, taking into consideration the economic, social, and
environmental needs of the Municipality.

Zoning By-laws

Zoning By-laws regulate the use, size, height, density and location of buildings on properties
within the Township. The Township has a separate By-law (2005-23) that contains provisions
regulating lands within the Oak Ridges Moraine.

Herit​age​​Under the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA), municipalities are responsible for identifying,
evaluating and conserving heritage properties through their Heritage Advisory Committee
and staff. The municipality is required to keep a current municipal heritage register of
properties which Council believes to be of cultural heritage value or interest. This is
commonly referred to as a "Listed" or "Designated" property in the heritage register.

Design Guidelines

Township produced documents guiding development in King City, Nobleton, Schomberg and the Township's Employment Areas

Current Projects

Documents pertaining to timely development projects, studies and reviews of Township documents

Quick References

Links to Township Reference Documents

Application Forms

Forms for Planning Act Applications including Official Plan and Zoning Amendments, Plans of Subdivision and Site Plan Development

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment reviews and makes decisions on Minor Variance and Consent Applications, under the Planning Act

Useful Links

Useful links to relevant external agencies and planning related information