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Benefits of Trees

​​​​Image of Maple LeafTrees are a vital component of building healthy and sustainable communities. Beyond offering shade and enhancing natural beauty, trees provide a wide variety of economic, social, health and environmental benefits.






Economic B​​enefits

  • In the winter, trees shield your house from the wind, reducing your heating costs
  • In the summer, shade provided by trees reduces the need for air conditioning
  • Mature trees increase the value of residential properties
  • Trees absorb rainwater, making your home less vulnerable to flooding


Health and S​​​ocial Benefits

  • Trees act as visual and sound barriers, protecting communities from the impacts of nearby traffic and commercial activities
  • Trees provide natural traffic calming in residential neighbourhoods and offer privacy to residential homes
  • Trees have been shown to reduce stress, promote safe and healthy environments, and help define communities
  • Shade from trees provides protection from harmful UV rays


Environmental Be​​nefits

  • ​On average, a single tree produces several hundred pounds of oxygen annually, and filters harmful pollutants from the air
  • Trees provide a natural habitat and source of food for wildlife, including birds and small mammals
  • Trees protect and improve watercourses by absorbing and purifying groundwater, as well as reducing impacts from soil erosion​