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Municipal Trees

The Township is responsible for maintaining trees along streets and parks within the municipality. This includes trimming and pruning for health and safety purposes, removing dead, dying or diseased trees, and planting replacement trees.

Boulev​ard Trees​

Trees planted within the boulevard are the responsibility of the Township to maintain. The boulevard is the land between the traveled portion of the road allowance and your property line.

Please take care to protect boulevard trees near your property. Be careful not to harm the trunk or exposed roots when using lawnmowers or weedwhackers near the base of the tree. Occasional watering and mulching is encouraged and welcome.

If you suspect a boulevard tree is diseased, damaged, requires pruning, or is at risk of falling over, please contact the Park, Recreation and Culture at 905-833-5321 or​ . The Township asks that residents do not perform any remedial work on boulevard trees near their property. Pruning or cutting a municipal tree is not advised.​​

Trees in Parks

The Township is responsible for maintaining all trees in municipally owned parks, open spaces, and cemeteries. The Township asks that residents do not ​​​​interfere with trees in these spaces - if you have a concern about the health or safety of a park tree, please contact the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department at 905-833-5321.

Planting Memorial Trees in Parks

​The Parks Department administers the Memorial Bench and Tree program for all Township parks. If you are interested in having a memorial tree planted in a Township park, please contact the Parks Department at 905-833-5321 or at​