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2016 Media Releases

​December 13th, 2016Man saved by public defibrillator unit at Nobleton arena
​December 8th, 2016Library expansion to include new Seniors Centre
​December 7th, 2016New municipal offices move one step closer
​December 5th, 2016Door-to-door water salespeople not affiliated with King
​October 20th, 2016King Township shines spotlight on local business
​October 20th, 2016King man pleads guilty to Building Code Act charges
​October 17th, 2016Public Reception to honour Rosie MacLennan's gold medal
​September 2nd, 2016Metrolinx to conduct tests near rail lines in King
​September 1st, 2016King conducting safety blitz in school zones
​August 17th, 2016King urges cyclists and motorists to share road
​August 17th, 2016Fire ban lifted
​August 15th, 2016​King congratulates Rosie MacLennan on gold medal
​August 11th, 2016Fire Ban Issued
​August 5th, 2016King launches Building Permit Information Open Houses
​July 26th, 2016

​King staff chip in to clear road of storm damage

​July 22nd, 2016King firefighters to attend service for fallen firefighter
​July 21st, 2016King native Rosie MacLennan to carry flag at Rio
​July 19th, 2016King Township to start removing dead ash trees
​July 14th, 2016King cracking down on off-road vehicles
​June 28th, 2016​New recreation facilities slated for King Township
​June 22nd, 2016King secures conviction in large illegal dumping case
​June 17th, 2016Summer is no time to let down your fire safety guard
​June 13, 2016

​Partnership bringing a lot of colour to King City

​June 7th, 2016King residents want to shop locally, survey says
​May 31st, 2016​​King picks design for new municipal offices
​May 18th, 2016Craft beer, gourmet food and live music on festival menu
​May 10th, 2016

​King secures $25,000 grant to enhance new park

​April 29th, 2016King working to remove gasoline from storm water system
​April 29th, 2016Keele Street gas cleanup update
​April 26th, 2016King obtains first ever conviction for water theft
​April 26th, 2016King accelerates dust control program
​April 25th, 2016King gears up for Youth Week with free events.
​April 8th, 2016New community investment profiles
​March 31, 2016NEWS RELEASE Photo op of new life-saving device
​March 30, 2016Township Keeping Residents Up-to-Date in New Ways
​March 30, 2016Recent fires highlight need for fireplace safety
​March 18th, 2016​Photo Opportunity: ShopKING Winner Announced
​March 4th, 2016

King Warning Residents About Misleading Salespeople

​March 4th, 2016​New Parking Fine Option Aims to Keep People Out of Court